What is NORNA?

The Nordic cooperative committee for onomastic research

NORNA is an association of Nordic scholars specialising in research into names.

The committee was established in 1971 as an executive body for the Nordic congresses devoted to name research. Its aims are to promote to encourage onomastic research in the Nordic countries and cooperation between Nordic scholars. In the intervals between congresses, the committee has a coordinating function. There are seven members of the committee, from Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Under the auspices of the committee, there are held Name Research congresses, usually at fiveyear intervals, and symposia are arranged on varying topics. The papers read at the congresses and symposia are normally published in the series NORNA-rapporter. In the series Namn och Bygd appears an annual report on name research in the Nordic countries, which includes a critical account of the relevant books and articles that have been published in the course of the year. In addition, a register of name-scholars is published at this web site (Namnforskarregistret). The register, which includes name-scholars in the Nordic countries and scholars in other countries whose research is concerned with Nordic topics, gives their contact informations and current topics of research.