Innovationer i namn och namnmönster

Emilia Aldrin, Linnea Gustafsson, Maria Löfdahl & Lena Wenner (red.)
Handlingar från NORNA:s 43:e symposium i Halmstad den 6–8 november 2013

Innovations in names and name patterns. Proceedings from NORNA’s 43rd symposium in Halmstad, 6–8 November 2013. Ed. by: Emilia Aldrin, Linnea Gustafsson, Maria Löfdahl and Lena Wenner. 338 s. ISBN 978-91-7276-092-9. ISSN 0346-6728.

Innovations in names and name patterns was the theme of a Nordic Symposium held in Halmstad in November 2013. The symposium was arranged by Halmstad University in collaboration with NORNA. The proceedings present 20 symposium papers. They offer insights into names in multicultural environments, changes in the gender marking of first names, introduction of new names in the Swedish name day calendar, the role of names in literature, as well as emergence of new name patterns in place names, personal names, names of animals, planes, ships etc. The proceedings cover a large time span from iron age to contemporary time and deal with names from different Nordic countries as well as Germany. Several articles also present new theories and methods within the field of onomastics.

Keywords: onomastics, proper names, personal names, place names, pet names, ship names, invented names, gender, language contact, literary onomastics, cognitive linguistics, crowd sourcing